Thursday, December 15, 2016

git Fatal: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate

Environment: window 7 with a  firewall 

The solution works for me is:

  1.  Export’s certificate
  2.  Copy’s certificate to git‘s certificate file
  3. Configure git’s proxy

Export certificate:

Enter into Firefox, click on the lock icon:

Follow the righ arrow and click on “more info” , click on “security/view certificate/details”:

Click on “export”, select “X.509 Certificate with chain(PEM)(*.crt;*.pem)”.

Copy certificate

Open git’s certification file, in my case, it resides in

Copy the content from the above exported file onto the end of

Configure proxy

If you are behind a corporation firewall, chances are that you need to configure a proxy. In my case, without setting up a proxy, I continued to run into “SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate”, which was very confusing, because this error showed no clue to proxy. 

Run the following command to configure a proxy:

git config --global http.proxy YOURPROXY

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